1806 - Rossbach Avenged

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Time: 1600 hrs. October 13, 1806
Napoleon and Lannes are standing, surveying the situation from the Windknolle. Beyond the slope, they can begin to see the fire lights of the Prussians in the valley. The Saxon General Tauenzien now occupies the Dornberg after earlier relinquishing the Landgrafenberg and, more critically, the bridge over the Saale at Napoleon's back. After studying the glow of Prussian campfires Napoleon correctly surmised the entire Prussian Army was nearby. He mistakenly assumed, however, they were preparing to fight him here. This almost proved fatal for Marshal Davout, approaching from the east. For on the morrow, while Napoleon and the majority of the French fight here, Davout's III Corps alone will engage the bulk of the Prussian Army at Auerstadt.

1806: Rossbach Avenged includes:
Rules: Six Days of Glory System
Players: Two (or two teams)
Scenarios: Nine, from meeting engagements to full campaign (the Campaign Scenario can begin on any day.)
Maps: Two 22" x 34" full color maps designed by Joe Youst
Counters: 280 two sided units by Rodger MacGowan
Quick Set-up: one 11 x17 OB Display for each player allows you to set-up (or replay) the entire campaign day-by-day.

- scale = 1,600m/hex,
- time = 6 hours/GT,
- strength = 800-1,000 men/SP.



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