Arnhem: Defiant Stand

銷售價︰ HK$950.0
品 牌︰  Critical Hit
型 號︰  CRI2002
庫存狀態︰  有庫存
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The Battle of Arnhem in super detail, with a building by building map with big hexes (you can put a bunch of counters in each one).

  • 10 mostly small scenarios
  • Two sheets of die cut counters with new art - big 3/4" AFV counters including lots of unusual German AFVs
  • Giant-hex two sheet map depicting downtown Arnhem in September 1944
  • Super-sized deluxe AFV cards for all AFV types
  • Sturdy box
  • Two ten-sided dice
  • Four Play Aid cards

The tank counters are 3/4" across - the largest AFV counter of any tactical-level system on the market. The personnel counters are 5/8" each.

Mostly a two or four-player game - it seems to play very quickly. There is a Basic Game included that explains all of the rules in a simple format. It takes about a half hour to get comfortable with tanks, infantry and terrain and start really playing. Very solid and extremely nice production values.



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