Piercing the Reich (絕版貨)

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品 牌︰  Moments in History
型 號︰  MIH02
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Piercing the Reich is an operational level simulation of the Battle of Aachen, 12 September to 21 October 1944.
Piercing the Reich is modeled after a modified version of the popular Triumphant Fox system, using an innovative, interactive sequence of play. With individual formation activated, the focus is on command control, keeping both players constantly involved in the action.

Piercing the Reich stands out for its excellent OoB Research and highly-playable yet detailed game system created to capture the key elements of this historic battle. Special game features include: Infiltration Tactics, Variable Game Turn Length, Variable Combat Strength Determination & Allied Victory Objectives, Formation Reaction & Reserve Status, Armor Superiority & Tiger Tank Scare, Railroad Guns, and much more.


    360 full color backprinted counters
    One full color 22" x 34" game map
    One rules booklet
    Four player aid cards
    Single 10-sided dice

Awards & Honors
    1995 Charles S. Roberts Best World War II Board Game Nominee


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