Shell Shock!

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品 牌︰  Avalon Hill
型 號︰  VG30029
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Shell Shock! is a two-player game of combat, adventure and heroism in World War II Europe; adapted from the award-winning and incredibly popular Ambush! solitaire game. In each of six missions, one player commands a squad of German infantry while another commands American, British, or Soviet troops. The players determine the composition of their squads - men, weapons, and equipment - and purchase Light and Heavy supports to assist them in the mission - from foxholes and barbed wire to artillery support. Every playing is different as the intensity of the battle, mission objectives, forces and weather change.

One 22" x 32" Map Display with one 16" x 18 " Map
Four 8" x 16" Maps (B-E)
540 Counters (3 Sheets total)
One Rule Booklet
Two Mission Booklets
Two Player Cards
Two Squad Record Pads
Two Vehicle Displays
120 Playing Cards
- 46 Random Event
- 30 Allied Aid Card
- 30 German Aid Card
- 8 Special Guest
- 6 Crew Vehicle
One Counter Tray
Two ten-sided dice



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