The Killing Ground+Overlord: D-Day and the Beachhead Battles exp.

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New England Simulations revisits a familiar World War II venue -- the hedgerows of Normandy -- with some refreshing twists in The Killing GroundCampaign for Normandy, July-August 1944". The game combines a mechanic usually reserved for smaller games -- a chit pull combat system -- with two gorgeous maps, 900 counters, and a 36-page rulebook that should have "Don't Panic!" inscribed on its cover (the designer was content to place the warning on the first page of rules instead).

As you read the rules, you get the feeling that the designer wants to bring back the best parts of the "good old days" of wargaming -- that newfound excitement and thrill you once had that gradually wore off as you slogged through the complexity of the latest SPI monster. The rulebook is written almost in prose, gently explaining each rule and including historical footnotes when appropriate. Though long, it is well-organized and easily cross-referenced.

The graphics are detailed but subtle, aiding play without distracting the player (in contrast with maps from games like The Gamers' "Thunder at the Crossroads", where the vibrant color can make you cross-eyed). Hues of gray and green predominate. A fair amount of information is packed on each counter. Player aids are plentiful.

The game itself focuses on post-invasion Normandy, where the Germans are trying to delay and attrite the Allies prior to their inevitable breakout. As much of the victory depends on the Allies' ability to maintain momentum throughout the campaign as it does capturing key victory point hexes -- any signs of trench warfare or, worse, seesaw battling over villages is severely penalized.

In yet another attempt to limit intelligence, the combat system includes a combat effectiveness 'chit pull' system that disguises actual unit combat strength up to the last moment. The system adds a level of uncertainty to the game that leads to unexpected combat results and tempers any tendency to attack without some forethought.

Although primarily designed for two players, the game can accommodate up to four given its size and attention to detail. The Killing Ground includes five scenarios, all historical.

Game Scale
Units: Primarily regimental with tank and other support units as battalions.
Time: Each game-turn is 1 day.
Map: 2.5km per hex.

A complete game of The Killing Ground will include the following:
1 rules booklet
1 Combat Manual
2 map sections (22” x 34” each)
3 different countersheets (900 counters printed front & back)
6 different charts (Combat Results Table, Allied Air Allocation Chart, US Army Support Points chart, British/Canadian Army Support Points chart, Game-Turn Record Track, Scenario Card).
2 six-sided dice
1 game box

Expanded by:


OVERLORD: D-Day and the Beachhead Battles is an expansion module for The Killing Ground that covers the period from June 6, to July 5, 1944. This 30 game-turn module links directly to The Killing Ground with an additional map, playing pieces and rules. It may also be played as a single map, stand alone game. In either case, the original The Killing Ground game is required to use this module.

OVERLORD: D-Day and the Beachhead Battles is divided into three stages, each with a different sequence of play.
1. D-Day: June 6, 1944
2. OVERLORD: The Build-up
3. The Killing Ground

D-Day: June 6th, 1944 sequence of play is used only on game-turn one. OVERLORD: The Build-up sequence of play starts on turn 2 and ends the Game-turn in which both Allied nationalities have completed their depots. The Killing Ground sequence of play starts the turn after the depots are completed. The rules from the original Killing Ground game are used throughout the Build-up except were noted. The rules for D-Day and OVERLORD are in addition to and supersede the standard Killing Ground rules until the end of the Build-up.

The OVERLORD expansion module includes the following:

  • 24 page OVERLORD Rules Booklet
  • D-Day Turn 1 Sequence of Play Booklet
  • 2nd edition Killing Ground Rules Booklet
  • North map section ; 22" x 34" (2 sided)
  • 280 back-printed, die cut counters (1/2 inch)
  • Game Turn Record Track
  • Sequence of Play Card (2 sided)
  • Breakdown Battalion recombination guide
  • German Set-up card
  • D-Day and Build-up Charts and Tables card
  • Combat Manual Pamphlet
  • Guide to Replacement Counters
  • Allied Tracks and Tables Single Map Supplement Card
  • CRT Card


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