Operations Magazine #7 (絕版貨)

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品 牌︰  Multi-Man Publishing
型 號︰  MMP-OP7
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Mag focused on supporting the Gamers' line of detailed, grand tactical games. ARTICLES ON: Assaulting with Success in the ACW, pt.1; Manuever Warfare & the Wargamer pt.3, Combined Arms; Being Out of Command in ACW Rules; Proposed 3rd Ed TCS Changes; Visit to the Kall Trail used in the Hurtgen Forest; Putting Some Blitz in your Krieg; Dynamiting Bridges in the OCS games; Tank Recovery in WWII; Playtest Game of Guderian's Blitzkrieg; German Strategy in Stalingrad Pocket; Q&A & Errata for CWB, Standard, Tactical & Operational games; Making a Game Map. '92



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