銷售價︰ HK$279.0 HK$247.2
稅前︰ HK$247.2
品 牌︰  Queen Games
型 號︰  HPS PCG006
庫存狀態︰  可代購
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Konja is a press-your-luck and resource management dice and card game in which 2 players compete as wizards, summoned by the old King to manifest a great storm and bring rain to the dry land. By rolling dice and activating powerful spells and relics cards, players gain gold, magick, power, and storm tokens.

Konja is played over a series of rounds; in each round, each player completes their turn before play proceeds to their opponent. On their turn, a player selects from the available Ancestors, which grants the active player a Favour. Then, both wizards receive a Blessing from that Ancestor.
The active player then rolls their dice, then through manipulation of Relic and Spell cards, create useful dice combinations:

  • Single die showing a high number reward Power tokens, which are used strengthen the effects of Relic cards.
  • A pair of dice reward Magick tokens, which activate Spell cards in hand.
  • Runs ( three or more dice showing consecutive numbers) reward Gold tokens, which are spent to purchase Relic cards from the Offerings and are sacrificed for Clouds.
  • Three or more dice showing the same number summons Cloud tokens, which are worth points at the end of the game.

The first wizard to accumulate 21 points ends the game at the end of the round. The wizard with the highest points is declared the winner.


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