Balaclava 1854

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The port of Balaclava was crucial in maintaining the supply lines for the Allied siege of Sevastapol. The Russian attack in October 1854 therefore posed a major threat to the survival of the Allied cause. This book examines in detail the crucial battle of Balaclava, including: the attack on the redoubts; the action of the thin red line in which an assortment of about 700 British troops, some invalids, were abandoned by their Turkish allies; the subsequent charge of the Heavy Brigade; and the most famous part of the battle: the infamous charge of the Light Brigade.

  • Preparation: Advance to Balaclava
  • Prelude to Battle
  • Phase 1: Fall of the Redoubts
  • Phase 2: The Thin Red Line
  • Phase 3: Charge of the Heavy Brigade
  • Phase 4: Charge of the Light Brigade
  • Aftermath: Counting the Cost
  • Chronology
  • A Guide to Further Reading
  • Wargaming Balaclava



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