ATS: Snakeshead Ridge

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The Battle of Cassino has fascinated wargamers for decades and now ATSers can enjoy the unique cartography and situations presented in Carnage at Cassino in a new expansion pack for the ADVANCED TOBRUK SYSTEM. The eight included scenarios pit Commonwealth, French and American soldiers against those of Hitler's elite 1st Parachute Division amidst the steep hills, valleys, key a fight for every height. The action is intense and the included ATS Battlefield Walkaround spells out the nuances of the terrain, and adds special rules specific to this release.

Click here to get Drew Dorman's cool Snakeshead Ridge custom terrain chart.

To keep costs down we decided to release SNAKESHEAD RIDGE as an expansion pack, based on the assumption that most ATSers already own American, German, and British Personnel and marker counters, along with the sheets needed to play the included scenarios. Here is a list of the sheets needed to play to make it easy to inventory your collection.

You will need the following counter sheets to play ATS SNAKESHEAD RIDGE:


  • 8 scenarios set on the historical map
  • Battlefield Walkaround booklet, an ATS specialty
  • 2 AFV Cards
  • 24" x 36" color historical map of the battlfield
  • Color cover
  • Descriptive back sheet
  • Ziploc style bag


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