Strategy & Tactics #148 - Cropredy Bridge: A Fleeting Victory (絕版貨)

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型 號︰  DCG ST148
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Cropredy Bridge is a regimental simulation of the musket-and-pike era battle fought 29 June 1644 between the Royalist Oxford army of King Charles I and the Parliamentarian army of Sir William Waller. The game is played in game turns each consisting of two player turns. During his/her player turn, a player will move and attack with any or all friendly units. Cavalry are the only unit which may move and attack during the enemy player turn, under certain circumstances. Optional rules provide for reaction movement by leaders and foot units as well as cavalry. Play continues until the end of the scenario selected by the players, after which victory is determined. The map represents the area in which the battle was fought, and also contains important aids to play. The 200 counters represent leaders, units, and information markers. The named leaders and units provided are a design limit, but players may make as many additional replacement leaders and information markers as they need. Game scale is approximately 100 yards per hex, 20 minutes per game turn, and 50 men per strength point.

Components: 22x34 map, 200 counters

Players: 2
Level: Regiment
Hex: 100 Yards


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