Strategy & Tactics #262 - Frederick’s War: 1741-48

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Frederick’s War: War of the Austrian Succession (FW), is a wargame of intermediate complexity simulating the struggle for power in Europe during the highpoint of the Enlightenment, 1741-48. It was the era of soldier-kings and enlightened monarchs, when powerful states maneuvered professional armies and fought to gain rich provinces. FW is primarily intended as a multi-player player game. It can be played by two, three or four, with each player representing a different major power: Prussia, Austria, France or Britain. Other states are represented as minor powers. Each player has a variety of military and diplomatic instruments with which he can attempt to make his mark on history.

  FW’s system is based on our earlier-published 1066 and Hannibal’s War games; however, there have been changes to the rules to reflect the differences in scale as well as the era being covered.

  The square-grid map shows Europe from London to East Prussia and south to the Balkans and central Italy. Off-map areas are handled using holding boxes. Each game turn represents one year. Each military unit represents 2,500 to 10,000 men. Each square represents 50 miles (81 km) across from side to opposite side. Designed by Joseph Miranda

  Rules cover such things as: the balance of power, negotiations, mobilization, fog of war, honors of war, fortresses, sieges, forced march, ambush, delaying actions, pillage, leaders, veteran and guard units, fleets, fieldworks, minor powers, declaring war, the Holy Roman Empire, prisoners of war and much more. The sequence of play is as follows.

1) Balance of Power Phase
2) Initiative Determination Phase
3) Taxation Phase
4) Market Phase
5) Negotiation Phase
6) Grand Diplomacy Phase
7) Mobilization Phase
8) Operations Phases
 a) First Operations Phase
 b) Second & Subsequent Operations Phases
9) Provisioning Phase
10) Sudden Death Victory Check Phase
11) End of Game Turn Phase


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