C3i Magazine Issue #14 (絕版貨)

銷售價︰ HK$999.0
品 牌︰  GMT Games
型 號︰  GMT C3I14
庫存狀態︰  有庫存
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Triumph & Glory: Battles of the Napoleonic Wars 1796-1809
- CLOSE-UP FEATURE: "Triumph & Glory" Why Castiglione?
- La loi du plus fort: Castiglione
- "Lonato: July 31st-August 4th 1796"
Simple GBoH
- A Primer for "Simple GBoH"
Great Battles of History
- GBoH Timeline of the Mediterranean
Hornet Leader
- Operation Southern Watch variant
Wilderness War

C3i Issue Fourteen Inserts
Paths of Glory: extra control markers (8)
Paths of Glory: extra leader counters
Eighth Air Force: Target Cards
Zero!: East Indies; Aircraft Card Sheets (2)
Zero!: NEI Campaign; Target Card/Logsheet
June 6th: British 1st Airborne sheet (1)
Triumph & Glory: Lonato countersheet (140)
Triumph & Glory: Lonato map
Tigers in the Mist: substitute counters (6)
Wilderness War: substitute leaders (29)


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