C3i Magazine Issue #23 (絕版貨)

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Jena 20 – What’s in a Name? by Mark Kaczmarek
For the People – 10th Anniversary Variant Rules by Mark Herman 
Hellenes Developer’s Notes – The Peloponnesian War, 431-404 BC by Joel Toppen
C3i Magazine Nr23 – Countersheet Reference Index and Manifest
Pursuit of Glory – Strategic Analysis of the Western Fronts, Part II by Philip Thomas
The Elephant Victory, 277 BC – SPQR Deluxe Scenario by Dan Fournie
PQ-17 – Mind Your P’s and Q’s by Chris Janiec
CC Stalingrad – Scenario #35: All the Salient Details by Rob Bottos & Kai Jensen
Kutuzov, The War in Russia, 1812 – Basic Survival Tactics by Mark Kaczmarek
Paths of Glory – Little Belgium, Big Issues by Robert Lloyd
Flying Colors – The Coromandel Campaign, 1758-1759 by Mark Barker
Red Winter – The Russo-Finish Winter War on P500 List by Mark Mokszycki  
History of the Peloponnesian War – Hellenes History by Joel Toppen  
The Rise of the Mauryan Empire – Chandragupta History by Stephen R. Welch
Elusive Victory – Advanced/Optional Rules and Scenarios by Terry Simo 
Jena 20 – Player’s Notes – Gaming Tips by Steve Carey
• Countersheet, C3i Magazine Nr23 – 140 color counters (1/2 inch size die-cut counters)
• Jena 20 Game – 1 color Mapsheet – 11x17 inch, folded by Mark Simonitch
Jena 20 Game – 1 color Player Aid Card – 8.5x11 inch, by Mark Simonitch
Jena 20 Game – Random Events Cards – 8.5x11 inch, by Mark Simonitch
• Jena 20 Game – Rulesbook Folio
• C&C Ancients – 1 color Set-up Card – 2 Epic Scenarios: Leuctra & Asculum by Richard Borg
• Combat Commander – 1 color Card – 2 Scenarios: Nr110 (new) & Nr103 (reprint) Bryan Collars  
• FAB: The Bulge – 1 color Card – At Start & Asset Matrix by John A. Foley and Mark Simonitch
• SPQR Scenario: Elephant Victory – Set-up sheet by Dan Fournie 
• For the People: Naval Card Complex Variant Effects by Mark Herman
• PQ-9/10: Before the Storm Scenario – Set-up sheet by Chris Janiec
• Chandragupta: Ganges River & Magnesia Scenarios – Set-up sheet Folio by Stephen R. Welch
• Chandragupta: Rout Point Track Sheet – plus Track Markers on countersheet by Mike Lemick
C3i Magazine Nr23 Special Game Insert
C3i Magazine’s Special Edition of Victory Point Games
Jena 20 – Napoleon in Prussia: 12-14 October, 1806
Jena 20 is the second title featuring Joseph Miranda’s innovative Napoleonic 20 game system. With only modest complexity and a focused scope employing low unit density on the map (20 pieces or less) and dramatic, fast playing turns, it is the addition of ‘story-driven’ random event cards and night game turns providing the operational pauses and “friction of war” that give players a great feel for the parry-and-thrust of a Napoleonic campaign as the armies close for battle.
Following France’s glorious victory against the combined Austro-Russian armies at Austerlitz the previous December, the Prussians have finally come off the fence and declared war against Napoleon. As both sides maneuver, uncertain of the location or center of gravity of the opposing army, they meet in a dramatic double battle on the fields of both Jena and Auerstadt.
Can the heirs of Frederick the Great maintain their composure and cohesion long enough to teach the haughty French a lesson, or will Napoleon and his Marshals ride on to ever greater glory?
Game Scale:
Number of Players: 2
Ages: 12 and up
Playing Time: approximately 50 minutes
Complexity: 4 on a 9 scale
Solitaire Suitability: 6 on a 9 scale
Scale: Each unit is 1 corps, each hex is about 1000 meters, and each turn is roughly 3.5 day hours (or 10 night hours).
Game Components:
Rules booklet with Standard, Optional & Exclusive rules
Full color, die-cut counters by John Cooper
12 Random Event cards (self cut-out format)
One 11” x 17” full-color game map by Mark Simonitch
One 8.5” x 11” full-color Player Aid sheet
Game Credits:
Game Design & Development: Alan Emrich
Game System: Joseph Miranda
Art & Graphic Design: John Cooper, Mark Simonitch & Rodger B. MacGowan
Playtesting: Lance McMillan, Kim Meints


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