C3i Magazine Issue #13 (絕版貨)

銷售價︰ HK$999.0
品 牌︰  GMT Games
型 號︰  GMT C3I13
庫存狀態︰  有庫存
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For the People
- CLOSE-UP FEATURE: Capital Offense
- April 1861 Scenario
Triumph & Glory: Battles of the Napoleonic Wars 1796-1809
- How to "Raab" the French of a Victory
Down in Flames
- Experten of the Luftwaffe, Part I
Hornet Leader
- Trading in Your Hornets for Falcons
- Insert
- Counters
The Great Battles of Alexander
- Philip the Great
War Galley
- Tarentum and the Battle of Sapriportis
Ukraine '43
- Scenario 4 Notes

C3i Issue Thirteen Inserts
Paths of Glory: Correction counters (2)
Barbarossa: Army Group Center: Correction counters (16)
June 6th: New counters (8)
Triumph and Glory: Correction counters (14)
Great Battles of Alexander: Philip the Great counters (9)
Great Battles of Alexander: Philotas counter (1)
Great Battles of Julius Caesar: Sertorian War (#10) counters (14)
SPQR: Extra SPQR “Depleted” counters (6)
SPQR: Pydna (SPG) counters (6)
SPQR: Pyrrhus in Sicily (#14) counters (9)
Great Battles of History: Ambiorix counters (4)
Great Battles of History: Mercenary counters (6)
Hornet Leader: Falcon Leader airfield (1 sheet)
Hornet Leader: Falcon Leader cards (12)
Hornet Leader: Falcon Leader counters (34)
Hornet Leader: Hornet Leader cards (4)
Austerlitz: Correction counters (9)
Britain Stands Alone: Variant counters (2)
Tigers in the Mist: Correction Counters (20)



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