Line of Fire Issue #10

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品 牌︰  Lock'n Load Publishing
型 號︰  LLP LOF10
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Corps Command: Dawn’s Early Light takes center stage (and the cover) with an exciting expansion that includes a new 11”x17” map, 40 vivid new counters, featuring the US 11th Armored Division, Airmobile Troops from the 101st Airborne Division, the West German 27th Panzergrenadier Brigade, the Soviet 171st and 232nd Motor Rifle Brigades and the 23rd Guards Tank Division—a Recon Battalion and four Regiments! These counters will battle it out on the new map in two scenarios. A batrep on the DEL scenario “The High Road” is also included.

The full-color 60+ page issue is also packed with articles on Summer Lightning; Space Infantry; Warparty; and Heroes of the Gap; an interview with Zombie War designer Greg Porter; reviews of Compass Game's Steel Wolves, another offering from The Cardboard Curmudgeon, and much more.

New Units and Ememies
New Scenarios
New Map
Full Color Pages

This Issue Includes:

  • A new 11”x17” map for Dawn's Early Light
  • 40 vivid new counters
  • A batrep on the DEL scenario “The High Road”



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