Line of Fire Issue #09

銷售價︰ HK$359.0
品 牌︰  Lock'n Load Publishing
型 號︰  LLP LOF09
庫存狀態︰  有庫存
 收藏    對比

It’s another packed issue, with over 60 full-color pages of content, an 11" x 17" White Star Rising map, and die-cut counters.

New Units and Ememies
New Scenarios
New Maps
Full Color Pages

This Issue Includes:

  • Eight-Eight die-cut counters including counters for World at War, White Star Rising, and for the first time, Island War Deluxe.
  • A new version of Mark Mitchell’s All Things Zombie FAQ.
  • Batreps for scenarios from The Untold Stories and for an ATZ scenario included in the issue.
  • An in-depth review of John F. Stanoch’s Black Cross / Blue Sky by Blue Sky Game Works.
  • A Lock ‘n Load Nationality Capabilities Chart.
  • Previews of Nations at War: Desert Heat and Run, Fight, or Die!
  • Tactics articles for All Things Zombie, Tank on Tank and House of Spirits, and articles on Memoir ’44 and a Curmudgeon’s view of the hobby.
  • This issue also includes a whopping 18 new scenarios form all across our product range!
    • Two for Forgotten Heroes.
    • Two Nations at War scenarios played on the included 11” x 17” Bocage-heavy Map.
    • A three-scenario Normandy Mini-Campaign for Nations at War: White Star Rising.
    • A five-scenario Variant for the World at War: Eisenbach Gap scenario "First Moves," using counters from all of the other WaW modules.
    • Two more scenarios, and new counters, for the SADF Chapter of World at War that begin in LoF#8.
    • Plus single scenarios for All Things Zombie, Island War Deluxe, Memoir ’44, and another for World at War.


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