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C3i Editor’s Note:

The following is an initial and partial list of articles, scenarios, and inserts.
Once this issue goes into final design and layout more articles will have
been received and may be ADDED to the contents of the magazine.
(Note that contents are always subject to change - RBM)
Thank you,
– Rodger B. MacGowan, Editor, Art Director and Publisher
C3i Magazine Nr25 will be dedicated to the memory and legacy of Charles S. Roberts, who died on 20 August 2010 from complications of emphysema and pneumonia. Charles S. Roberts was the founder of the Avalon Hill Game Company, and the designer of many of the original, classic board wargames that founded, and helped to establish our game hobby including:Tactics, Tactics II, Gettysburg, D-Day, Chancellorsville, Civil War, U-Boat, Bismarck andAfrika Korps.
Combat Commander OP
By Bryan Collars
This issue of C3i finds the Combat Commander series venturing off to the deep jungles of the Pacific. The two new scenarios included in this issue are the first additions to the stand alone Combat Commander Pacific game.
Scenario 113 – Taking the Knoll by Kai Jensen and Bryan Collars. This scenario is set in the closing stages of the New Guinea campaign and pits Australians against weary Japanese left on New Guinea.
Scenario 114 – First Joust with Galahad by Volko Ruhnke. This scenario moves the action to Northern Burma and features US deep-penetration forces against aggressive and resourceful Japanese.


Combat Commander New Guinea – Deeper into the Jungle
Designer’s Notes
By John A Foley
Clio’s Corner, Nr2:
To Script or Not to Script, that is the question?
Successful wargames present players with challenging decisions, while creating a compelling historical narrative. This column will focus on the pros and cons of card scripting in Card Driven Games.
By Mark Herman
Don’t Give Up the Ship!
A tour of theFlying Colors Series and Serpents of the Seas
By Mark Barker
Flying Colors and Serpents of the Seas – New Fleet Scenarios & Duel Scenarios
By Mark Barker


Close-Up – Labyrinth: The War on Terror 2001-?
By Volko Ruhnke (Designer) and Joel Toppen (Developer)
We now take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the game’s development in an insightful article by the game’s developer. New players will appreciate the developer’s tips. Novices and veteran players alike will enjoy experimenting with two NEW Optional Rules for the game – including two new game pieces.
Also included in this issue is Volko Ruhnke’s “Jihadist Activities Refined” which is designed to improve Labyrinth’s already incredible solitaire system. Two NEW and UPDATED solitaire flow charts will be included in this issue’s inserts.
But that’s not all. This issue also includes an action-packed Game Report. Designer and developer go head-to-head in a tense game that was decided on the final die roll of the final card-play of the game. Catch the white-knuckle excitement and game-produced narrative that reads as though it was ripped from yesterday’s headlines.
For the People – Defending the Union or 22 steps to Big Boy Bliss
By Mark Herman and Herr Dr (David Dockter)
This analysis article sets out some important strategic principles that aim at improving Union play in the middlegame (1862) when the Union is most vulnerable to Confederate (CSA) invasions. It will be assumed that the CSA is going to pursue an aggressive Eastern theater strategy as developed and refined by the top World Boardgaming Championship (WBC) tournament players as epitomized by James Pei, WBC champion.



New Commands & Colors Ancients Imperial Rome Scenarios
The Battle of Adrianople, 378, is one of the more decisive battles of the late empire, sometimes mistakenly called the “beginning of the end of the Empire.”
While its effects are well known, its details are surprisingly vague. We can be confident that the battle started before the Romans had their army entirely ready, due to an impatient subordinate commander, but reports vary on whether this happened on the right or the left flank! Perhaps the details are murky because so many of the Roman leaders died, including the emperor himself. What we do know is that the Romans blundered their way into the fight.
We therefore present two Commands & Colors: Ancients interpretations of this Epic historical battle for your gaming pleasure.
By Richard Borg & Kevin Duke
Tannenberg: Breaking the Code
The Strategic Choices for both sides in Clash of Giants
By Mark Stille
Clash Of Giants: From Tannenberg to Gettysburg
Designer’s Notes by Ted Raicer
Japan, New Guinea and the Solomons in Empire of the Sun Openings
This analysis article shows that in spite of its limited economic and political benefits, the strategic relevance of New Guinea and the Solomons in Mark Herman’s Empire of the Sun is high. Disregarding New Guinea and the Solomons can lead to tough consequences for Japan in the long-haul.
By Pablo García Silva


Special C3i Bonus Game in this Issue:
Battle for Moscow, 1941
Frank Chadwick’s classic introductory game design from Victory Point Games.
An updated version of this WWII Eastern Front game depicting Operation Typhoon and the drive on Moscow in 1941. A two-player game with updated mapsheet, counters, player aids and rules. Units are at German corps or Russian Army level. Each game turn represents from 1-to-2 weeks. Developed by Alan Emrich and Lance McMillan. Art and Graphics by Mark Simonitch and Rodger B. MacGowan.
C3i Nr25 Countersheet includes 9/16 inch counters and markers for:
• Battle for Moscow
• Labyrinth
• Ardennes’44
• Asia Engulfed
• Normandy’44
• Successors
• The Caucasus Campaign


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