C3i Magazine Issue #24 (絕版貨)

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C3i Editor’s Note:
The following is an initial and partial list of articles, scenarios, and inserts.
Once this issue goes into final design and layout more articles will have
been received and may be ADDED to the contents of the magazine
(contents are always subject to change).
– Rodger B. MacGowan, Editor and Publisher
Washington's War: The Art of Asymmetrical Strategy
By Mark Herman
(Game Designer)
The cover feature article for C3i Magazine, Nr24 focuses on how each side in Washington's War requires different strategies to win. Designer Mark Herman offers detailed insights and historical strategies on how to win the American Revolution where British conventional force meets American guerrilla tactics.
The Battle for Normandy
Optional Rules, New Scenarios, Counters, and Variants
(BfN counters will include optional units and errata units.)
By Dan Holte
(Game Designer)
Plus New BfN Player Aids:
• Detailed Sequence of Play Sheet
• Allied Step-Loss Record Chart
• Three Map Campaign Variant Sheet
The Caucasus Campaign
Strategy Article covering the key Decision Points and Proper Tactics
by Joel Toppen
Elusive Victory
Aircraft Expansions and New Scenarios
By Terry Simo
(Game Designer)
Three new scenarios:
EV(C3i#3) (YK/R) Hip-Hop – Mi-8 Hips commando raids
EV(C3i#4) (YK/R) High Fast Flyer – MiG-25Rs over Israel
EV(C3i#5) (YK/R) Cornered Badger – Egyptian Tu-16s
Hellenes: Campaign Strategies
Strategy Notes specific to the individual Campaign Scenarios
By Craig Besinque
(Game Designer)
Plus New Hellenes Player Aids:
New SPQR Battle Scenario (Great Battles Of History)
The Battle of Crotona, 204 BC
The End Of The Second Punic War In Italy
By Carlos Gomez Ibañez
SPQR Rout Point Track Sheet
Player Aid Insert Sheet and game Markers
By Mike Lemick
Commands & Colors Ancients: Imperial Rome (Expansion Nr.4)
Boudica’s Revolt – Britons vs Rome
Para Bellum Extended Battle System (Prepare for War)
By Richard Borg and Don Clarke
(Game Designer)
Including Two New Official C&C Ancients Scenarios – Boudica’s Revolt
• Battle of Camulodunum - 60 AD
• Battle of Mona Insulis - 60 AD
Tannenberg:  Breaking the Code
The Strategic Choices for both sides in Clash of Giants
By Mark Stille
Clash Of Giants: From Tannenberg to Gettysburg
Designer’s Notes
By Ted Raicer
C3i Nr24 Countersheet includes counters and markers for:
• The Battle for Normandy
New Optional Units and Errata Units
New leader counters for the Crotona scenario
New Rout Point Track markers
Leaders for Elephant Victory (Errata counters from last issue)
• Serpents of the Seas
 Errata counters
• Ship of the Line
Errata counters
• Hellenes
New markers
• Elusive Victory
New units for the C3i Scenarios
• Washington's War
State Control markers


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