Line of Fire Issue #13

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Line of Fire #13 is Another Bountiful Issue of Our Charles S. Roberts Award-nominated magazine.

At the vanguard of this issue is the Nations at War series of games. Included are articles on the future of the series, on Stalin’s Triumph, and on strategies for the campaign in Operation Cobra; plus four new scenarios by veteran designer Matt Lohse: two on Operation Market Garden and two on Operation Goodwood.

But that’s not all. Also featured are articles on the French in Honneur et Patrie, on larger battles in World at War, Warparty fiction, an exclusive interview with maverick game reviewer Marco Arnaudo, a unique Heroes of the Gap battle report, and more.

In addition to the four Nations at War scenarios, there are plenty of others:

  • The World at War modulette Jungle Blood & Sweat, started in Line of Fire #12, concludes with three more scenarios in Southeast Asia, utilizing 33 new 5/8” die-cut counters.
  • British and Soviet Recon formations meet near Bitterfeld, the crucial town featured in World at War: Battles within Battles.
  • The Swedes attempt to strike down a Soviet push inland from the town of Nynäsham, south of Stockholm, in another aspect of Operation Garbo.
  • In two Honneur et Patrie scenarios, the Belgians launch a vital counterattack and the French and the Soviets take on each other as well as a whole new type of enemy—a rogue lunatic who’s on the lam.
  • Two hot-spots in Heroes of the Gap are illuminated: one in Bavaria (on maps from Band of Heroes); the other in Libya (on the A Day of Heroes map).

Also, a new Space Infantry Enemies Variant introduces a new sense of doom to your extra-terrestrial gaming.

And if all of that isn’t enough, how about a Free game! Blood on the Alma—designed by Tom Russell, with art by Gabriel Gendron—depicts the September 20th, 1854, Battle of the Alma, in Crimea, in which an Allied force of British, French and Turks met the Russians. The game includes rules, a color map, 123 beautiful 5/8” die-cut counters and a player-aid card. Its unusual mechanics and atypical sequence of play make Blood on the Alma a singular gaming experience.


  • Over 60 Full-color Pages
  • 13 Scenarios
  • 160 5/8” Die-Cut Counters
  • An 11”x17” Map
  • Complete Game: Blood on the Alma
  • Articles on Operation Cobra and Honneur et Patrie
  • An Enemies Variant for Space Infantry
  • An Interview with Marco Arnaudo
  • A Battle Report from Heroes of the Gap
  • Warparty Fiction
  • And Much More!


It’s Line of Fire! It’s Lock ‘n Load Publishing!!


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