Panzer Grenadier: Invasion of Germany

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After chasing the beaten remnants of the German armies across France and Belgium, American soldiers forced their way onto German soil. With thick line sof fortifications, fresh reinforcements and fanatic determination, the Germans suddenly showed they still had some fight in them.

Invasion of Germany is a book supplement for the Panzer Grenadier series. It contains 48 (yes, forty-eight) scenarios set along the German border. This book is a compendium of the scenarios presented in the out-of-print supplements Aachen 1944, Siegfried Line, West Wall, Roer River Battles and North of Elsenborn.

Invasion of Germany includes no mapboards or playing pieces. Players will need playing pieces and maps from Elsenborn Ridge and Battle of the Bulge; some scenarios also use boards or pieces from our Cassino’44, Afrika Korps, Beyond Normandy, Eastern Front, 1940: The Fall of France and Road to Berlin games and Iron Curtain: Patton's Nightmare supplement.


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