Panzer Grenadier: Jungle Fighting

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品 牌︰  Avalanche Press
型 號︰  APL0808
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This supplement for the Panzer Grenadier system introduces the U.S. Army's role in fighting the Japanese. In Guadalcanal we covered the U.S. Marines’ tough fight against the Japanese for Henderson Field and the nearby areas. Army troops came ashore on Guadalcanal in mid-October 1942, at the height of the struggle for the island.

Jungle Fighting includes 42 scenarios from the Guadalcanal campaign. Most of these feature Army troops, but there are also several from the deep penetration carried out by Marine Raider companies behind Japanese lines.

The back of the book is covered by a map of Butaritari Island, also known as Makin Atoll. One of the scenarios covers the August 1942 attack on the island by Marine Raider troops.

There’s also a lengthy background piece on the Guadalcanal fighting, putting all of these scenarios and those from Guadalcanal in their proper context.

Jungle Fighting is not a complete game. Play of all scenarios requires Guadalcanal and Battle of the Bulge.



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