Panzer Grenadier: Heroes of the Soviet Union (絕版貨)

銷售價︰ HK$499.0
品 牌︰  Avalanche Press
型 號︰  APL0302
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Ò. . . even a dead communist inspires fear in the enemy!Ó

In June 1941, Germany & its allies launched a surprise attack on the Soviet Union. Despite massive casualties, the Red Army of Workers & Peasants held off the invaders. By 1945, Soviet soldiers would capture Berlin & destroy an evil regime. At the forefront of this defense & counter-attack stood the elite Guards division, the Red ArmyÕs fiercest fighters.

Heroes Of The Soviet Union includes:

  • Two 11Óx17Ó hardmounted maps
  • 330 counters
  • 16 page rulebook
  • 24 page scenario book
  • 4 player-aid cards


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