Line of Fire Issue #04

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Line of Fire #4

Ready, Aim, Fire! Whether you’re interested in Flintlock: Carolina Rebels, Band of Heroes, Eisenbach Gap, or Island War Deluxe, Line of Fire #4 needs to be in your hands.

Learn everything you need to know about Flintlock: Carolina Rebels in an extensive article on its mechanics and units, examples of fire and shock combat, plus tactical insights.

From the American Revolution, jump ahead in time over two hundred years, and across the Atlantic Ocean, to southern West Germany in 1985—World War III has gone off. The Bavarian front, Munich’s Highway, is explained, and Soviet and West German forces clash in two new, and illustrative, scenarios. Yes, the world is at war, and new Soviet formations, the 2nd Tank and 13th Guards Tank, flow west in a crimson tide, in an attempt to exploit a breach in the American lines. From Eisenbach to the Rhine River, NATO has its hands full.

Read about Fog and the Normal Spotting Range in Lock ‘n Load: Noville: Bastogne’s Outpost. Or find yourself in the steamy jungle of South Vietnam, in a gripping battle report from the Firebase Coral scenario in Line of Fire #3, as the Aussies from Anzac Attack try to hold off a NVA assault. And see the adaptive nature of the Lock ‘n Load (LnL) system as four Band of Heroes scenarios are culled from the action in the classic comedic war movie Kelly’s Heroes, including special rules for Sherman tanks that fire paint shells and play music during combat.

Check out a new Ranged Combat Table for Island War Deluxe, too. There’s over 50 full-color pages. Don’t miss out!


  • Over 50 Full-color Pages
  • Now comes with a mounted counter sheet with 25 5/8” Counters for World at War (WaW)
  • Nine Total Scenarios (5 WaW, 4 LnL)
  • An Overview of the Mechanics and Tactics in Flintlock: Carolina Rebels
  • A New Ranged Combat Table for Island War Deluxe
  • Articles on Fog in Noville: Bastogne’s Outpost and on the Bavarian Sideshow in World at War
  • An Anzac Attack Battle Report
  • An Interview with Uwe Eickert
  • A four-scenario Lock ‘n Load modulette based on scenes from the movie Kelly’s Heroes
  • And More!!

It’s Line of Fire! It’s Lock ‘n Load Publishing!!


Note (1): The West German Recon Formations from Line of Fire #3 are used in the two Munich’s Highway scenarios.

Note (2): A few counters from Swift & Bold and Not One Step Back are needed to play the four Band of Heroes scenarios.


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