Line of Fire Issue #01

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品 牌︰  Lock'n Load Publishing
型 號︰  LLP LOF01
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Line of Fire #1

The Inaugral Issue of the Lock ‘n Load Publishing Magazine!

Line of Fire #1 is now a printed and full-color magazine. Within its covers is, above all, crucial content that flatters fans of the Lock ‘n Load (LnL) system. From the start of World War II (Heroes of the Blitzkrieg) to the Vietnam War (Forgotten Heroes) and the Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia, in 1993 (A Day of Heroes), the LnL system is covered in depth, with tactics articles, unit and scenario analysis, and an after-action report; plus three new scenarios, three new maps and 46 5/8” counters (counters are for Heroes of the Blitzkrieg). And Robert Herzner’s essential Tank Tactics Guide is a must-have for any LnL gamer.

Additional features include an Island War Deluxe turn-by-turn play variant and Ranged Combat Table (RCT) and a seventh scenario for World at War: Eisenbach Gap, “Down by the River,” in which Team Bravo is tasked with clearing the important river crossing at Tanenhause—all played out on a new map.


  • Almost 60 Full-color Pages
  • Five 8.25” x 12.75” Maps
  • 46 5/8” Counters
  • Five Scenarios
  • LnL: Heroes of the Blitzkrieg
  • LnL: A Day of Heroes
  • LnL: Band of Heroes / Swift & Bold / Not One Step Back
  • WaW: Eisenbach Gap
  • Island War Deluxe
  • Lock ‘n Load Tank Tactics Guide
  • Lock ‘n Load Scenario FAQ
  • Island War Deluxe Variant and RCT
  • A Poem by Dennis W. Lid
  • An After-Action Report of “Prochorovka” from Not One Step Back
  • And More!!

It’s Line of Fire! It’s Lock ‘n Load, Publishing!!

Note (1): The counters and map for Heroes of the Blitzkrieg (HotB) have, since the original publication of this issue, been published in HotB. For those who do not own HotB, these counters and the map, along with the administrative counters from Band of Heroes, can be used to play the included scenario, “Baroud D’honneur.”

Note (2): Map 43, used in the Island War Deluxe scenario “Meeting Engagement . . .,” can also be used in any LnL scenarios you design on your own.


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