Line of Fire Issue #12

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This issue is like no other before it. Not only does it contain the articles and scenarios you expect, but this issue includes Raid & Riposte, a Complete Game by Mark H. Walker. That’s right, counters, map, rules, the works - all in full-color.

This issue also features A LOT of content on the recently published Forgotten Heroes Vietnam Second Edition including a detailed review of the game, including an extensive example of play, an in-depth historical article providing background for many of the scenarios, an article on the American LRRPs and three new scenarios!

New Units and Ememies
New Scenarios
New Maps
Includes Full Game: Raid and Repost

This Issue Includes:

  • A detailed review of the Forgotten Heroes Veitnam Second Edition, including an extensive example of play.
  • Three new Forgotten Heroes Veitnam Second Edition scenarios!
  • Previews of Honneur et Patrie and Into the Breach.
  • Reviews of Band of Brothers and Singapore 1942.
  • A World at War HQ Variant.
  • An Interview with Space Infantry Designer Gottardo Zancani.
  • A White Star Rising scenario.
  • A World at War scenario that pits West German Recon elements (from the Compendium) against elements of the Soviet 93rd Recon (from Blood & Bridges) for the city of Bitterfeld (map from Battles within Battles).
  • A Solitaire World at War scenario depicts Soviet and East German forces attempting to quell the Polish Solidarity Movement in 1980 (uses components from The Untold Stories and Eisenbach Gap).
  • Part 1 (of 2) of a World at War Modulette on the Second Sino-Vietnamese Border War in 1985 (37 New Counters Included!; The Untold Stories required).
  • Plus Nicaraguans (New Counters Included) take on Americans in a Lock ‘n Load scenario based on events in the upcoming World at War module America Conquered.



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