Quatre Bras 1815, Last Eagles

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品 牌︰  GMT Games
型 號︰  GMT HEX-QB
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Quatre-Bras 1815: Last Eagles is the fourth game in the Eagles of France serie to be released in Q1 2019. More simulation of a Napoleonic battle rather than just a re-creation.

At Quatre-Bras, Wellington's army arrived at the last minute to counter Ney's advancing troops. At the end of the day, the Anglo-Allied outnumbered the French and were able to counter attack.

Several scenarios are available: Quatre-bras historical, Quatre-bras with variable reinforcements (what if D'Erlon or Uxbridge had arrived?), and two other what if scenarios: Ney's morning attack, Wellington already concentrated versus Ney

This game will link up with Ligny 1815: Last Eagles to provide a full campaign experience with interaction between both battles. Using hidden units with fog of war and variable reinforcements, the players will be as close as possible to the real life situation. Where are the French attacking? When exactly my reinforcements will arrive?


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