Normandy 1944: A Bloody Summer

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Normandy 44 - A Bloody Summer is a redeveloped version of VaeVictis #27 best-selling game (1999). The game has been deeply redeveloped, with new mechanims and a reviewed order of battle (twice as many counters than in its first edition). The unit scale is regimental for armored units and for the assaulting units on D-Day. The Allied airforce is now fully included in the game and can be used by the anglo-american player to influence the outcome of the war. A second map allows the Allie to push their units toward Paris or the Atlantic harbors. More details, more counters and a wider map for a more comfortable game!

Normandy 1944: A Bloody Summer is a divisional scale wargame, which depicts the combats of the Normandy campaign from June to August 1944.


It includes two scenarios and one campaign game:


  • The first scenario covers the drive to Cherbourg, one of the first of the Allies objectives.
  • The second scenario starts at the end of July and covers the great Allied offensives, Goodwood & Cobra
  • Finally, the campaign game covers all of the operations up to the end of August with the reduction of the Falaise pocket.

Game scale:

Time: 1 Turn per week.

Map: 6 Kilometers per hex.

Complexity: 7 / 9

Ziplock game.


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